Mom tries to sue over bullying

 CNN Staff wrote an article on November 26, 2013 The mother of Rebecca Sedwick, a Florida girl killed herself even after Norman (mother) said all her efforts to halt the bullying including counseling, reporting the harassment to school officials as well as other parents, even removing her daughter from school failed. Rebecca, 12, died after jumping from the top of an abandoned concrete plant in September. The abusive behavior that authorities say prompted her suicide grew between Rebecca and a former classmate over a boy they had both dated. Rebecca had already cut open her wrists months before the jump, but survived that suicide attempt. Rebecca’s mother is now trying to sue the parents of the bully.

I think her mom should sue the bully’s parents. She lost her daughter because of bullying. I have to question what the parents are teaching their children at home to create monsters. They were 12 years old. The children have no business fighting over a boy at that age. I think Rebecca’s mother tried everything to prevent her daughters death.

6 thoughts on “Mom tries to sue over bullying

  1. garijones30

    I think it was very wrong for anyone of any age to be bullied. I feel like it wasn’t a issue that only Rebecca had to seek counseling and help for. The person that was bullying her needed to also get help with bullying. It’s very sad to know that Rebecca had to take her own life for people to want to think of how big the issue of bullying really is, I feel like bullying needs to be addressed more then it is, because no parent should have to loose their kid due to their kid being a victim of bullying.

  2. emprais

    I agree with Olivia in regards to Rebecca’s mom suing the bullies parents. Her daughter was killed because of these kids, whether it was directly or not, they were the cause of her death and they should have consequences just like anyone else. Bullying is becoming more and more prominent among young people and this needs to be an example for future kids as to what could happen if they continue to bully someone enough that they kill themselves.

  3. katlynosborn

    I definitely think the parents of the bully should have stepped in at some point so that it didn’t get this far. Without the bullies in this young girls’ life, she would still be alive today, I believe. Therefore, I agree with Olivia that the girls parents are in the right to sue the bully’s parents. On the flip side, the girl could have been dealing with depression/internal things that also caused her to commit suicide; none the less the bully’s had something to do with it.

  4. elisacarlin

    I agree completely with Olivia. Rebecca’s mom should be able to sue the bullies parents because they are the ones that raised a child to act like such a vicious person. If she was not such a monster to Rebecca, Rebecca would probably still be alive today.

  5. sirpikachu

    I’m not saying how the parents are raising the bully-er is not wrong or wrong at all (we don’t have that information) but its possible that (please excuse the language) that they are just shitty kids, I mean think about it, there are some people in the world that are just shitty people and they are no good to be around, kids are the same way kind of, you can do everything right and be perfect parents, but still end up with shitty kids!

  6. d312w309

    I did this same article and couldn’t believe that she was that young to do that. The two girls that were mostly responsible for this got off without any charges. I couldn’t believe that they let someone who had contributed to the death of another human being just go with out being charged with anything.


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