New law

In Troy, New York WTEN tells viewers that officer Bryan says that the new traffic law states that leaving your car running unattended will result in a traffic ticket. Officers say that it is important for citizens to follow this law because their car could be a target for carjackers. However, there is an exception to the law, if an electric remote is installed in the car it is not illegal because the key is not in the ignition. 


I think that this is a good law to have. I am glad officers are keeping an extra eye on citizens. I am also glad I read this because I was not informed about this new law until now. I would be shocked if I were to receive a ticket for leaving my car unattended especially since winter is around the corner.

2 thoughts on “New law

  1. emprais

    I agree with Olivia this law is a good thing to put into place. I do think that this will decrease not only car thefts but it will also decrease the amount of pollution, this is needed especially in the state of New York. Leaving a car unattended is unsafe for the citizen of Troy as well as people all around the United States, and that’s why I believe that other cities should employ this law.


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