Breastfeeding in public

Beth Greenfield a writer for the Yahoo shine talks about how a woman was told to leave a Connecticut courtroom because she was breastfeeding her baby. The law gives women the right to feed their baby in a public place. And Danielle Gendron was given an apology to when she was shooed out of the courtroom and reprimanded that right. Gendron tells reporters that she is a new mother and she has to feed her baby when he is hungry. She tells reporters that because of situations like this women don’t want to breastfeed their children and babies aren’t getting the benefits that they need.

I didn’t know that there was a specific law that gave women the right to breastfeed wherever. I think its good that Gendron spoke up because people need to know that even though breastfeeding might make people feel uncomfortable, it is their right to feed their baby in public.

4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in public

  1. katlynosborn

    This article brought up a good point: that a lot of babies aren’t getting the benefits they need from breast milk because society tells us it’s gross or embarrassing. This could be a huge reason why mother’s choose the more expensive, less benefitting route of formula feeding. It’s good that she was given an apology for being denied the law in a COURTROOM out of all places.

  2. elisacarlin

    I don’t think women should have to worry about breastfeeding in public because if they are comfortable with feeding their baby in public they shouldn’t have to deal with others judging them for it.

  3. d312w309

    I had never noticed this law either. I thought that we, as a community, just turned the other cheek when something like this was going on. I think the courtroom at of all places should not try and break the law.


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