College student killed by a Campus police.

Joshua Rubin and David Simpson, CNN reporters, published an article on Mon December 9, 2013. 23-year-old student at a San Antonio-area Christian college took an officer’s police baton and struck him before the officer fatally shot him. It began when Cpl. Christopher Carter, a police officer with the University of the Incarnate Word in Alamo Heights, saw Robert Cameron Redus near campus driving recklessly. During the wait for assistance, the officer tried to stop the suspect who repeatedly resisted, the officer attempted to stop the suspect with his baton. The baton was taken by the suspect who used it to hit the officer. The officer drew his firearm and shots were fired.

In my opinion, I don’t think that he should have died at a young age because of this officer. I understand that he was resisting the arrest, but why did the officer have to shoot him multiple times? Why couldn’t he have used a different form of self defense? I think these questions make this story suspicious to me. My heart goes out to the family that is dealing with this tragedy.

1 thought on “College student killed by a Campus police.

  1. elisacarlin

    I agree with you, just because he was resisting arrest doesn’t mean that the officer had to start shooting at him. Many different things could have been done to get this person to cooperate with the cop rather than having him get killed.


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