Diet Soda

Mike Esterl writer for The Wall Street Journal posted an article December 9, 2013 on the health effects of diet soda. 33 year old Joanna Stepka a Rhode Island resident began drinking diet soda when she was in Kindergarten, but recently quit because her health trainer told her about the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks that make people fat even if the drink doesn’t have calories. The artificial sweeteners found in diet soda mainly aspartame, but also sucralose and acesulfame potassium. This leads to a correlation between diet soda and obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

I always knew pop was bad for you, but I never understood that diet soda was just as bad for you as regular soda. When I was younger my mom would never allow soda in the house unless it was a special occasion. But whenever there was a special occasion she only bought regular soda because she knew that diet soda was bad for children to have. So it kind of caught me off guard when Joanna said she has been drinking diet soda since she was in kindergarten.

3 thoughts on “Diet Soda

  1. katlynosborn

    My mom is allergic to aspartame so we never had anything diet or sugar free in my house growing up. I find the taste of anything with fake sugar to be so gross anyways, but I’m glad to hate something that is so terrible for you. I also think it’s strange that she drank diet soda in kindergarten.


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