Snuggling House

Todd Richmond a reporter for the Huffington Post tells the reader about a Snuggling House in Madison, Wisconsin. In Wisconsin there is a house that is specifically for snuggling. It cost $60 for a snuggle session with a ‘professional snuggler,’ the law officials in Madison is trying to ban this house. They think it is a cover up for a prostitution house. The producers of the house say that snuggling with people relieves stress. Law officials believe it is an awaiting lawsuit for sexual assault. 

I think this is the most bizarre article I have ever read. This is crazy that people would actually pay for someone to snuggle with, especially someone they just met. This is weird, but whatever people want to do is up to them! I just don’t think snuggling with a random man would relieve my stress. I think the law enforcement should keep their eye on it, but not do anything drastic too soon.

3 thoughts on “Snuggling House

  1. jmp0222

    This sounds a little weird to me too. I don’t believe that it would relieve my stress either. I think the police should look into this further, this seems suspicious.

  2. elisacarlin

    I think snuggling with a random person would cause me more stress because I’d have no idea who they were. Although, I agree with you when you said that if someone wants to pay to snuggle with a random person they should be allowed to. It should just be someone that has gone through a background check and an interviewing process.


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