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New law

In Troy, New York WTEN tells viewers that officer Bryan says that the new traffic law states that leaving your car running unattended will result in a traffic ticket. Officers say that it is important for citizens to follow this law because their car could be a target for carjackers. However, there is an exception to the law, if an electric remote is installed in the car it is not illegal because the key is not in the ignition. 


I think that this is a good law to have. I am glad officers are keeping an extra eye on citizens. I am also glad I read this because I was not informed about this new law until now. I would be shocked if I were to receive a ticket for leaving my car unattended especially since winter is around the corner.

Young man forced to be a hit man

An article written November 30, 2013 by Catherine E. Shoichet and Rafael Romo of CNN An American teenager accused of being a hit man for Mexican drug cartels. He was 11 years old when he started killing. He was convicted as a juvenile and was deported to San Antonio, Texas. He is a US citizen and doesn’t have any criminal charges in the United States so he is a free man. Even though he lost track of how many people he has killed in Mexico. He was lured by drug cartels with power and money. He said he had to keep killing because the drug cartel made him.
I think this is a tough situation. A young boy was forced into the drug cartel and it resulted in him being a murderer. The scary part about it is that this young man will forever be a criminal not by his choice. He was lured by grown men and was promised riches and power for these actions. I think he should undergo psychiatric care, so there is a lesser chance of him being a threat to society.  


Nadia Kounang  a CNN Medical Producer explains the rising rate of children diagnosed with ADHD. The number of children being allowed to access medication is rising as well. Kounang quotes “Since the last survey taken in 2007, there has been a 28% increase in children taking drugs to manage the disorder. More than 3.5 million children in the 4 to 17 age group, or 6%, are taking ADHD medications, the survey found.” Medical professionals are diagnosing children to early and giving these children medication because of their immaturity and turning it into a disease.

I personally think that it’s true. I think some doctors diagnose children with ADHD because of the aspect of money. I think it is very controlled and parents are in a hurry to diagnose their “out of control” child. I don’t understand why people cannot just wait and see if the children will grow out of their lack of focus and silliness.

Underaged Drinking

Writers Erin Cox and Michael Dresser from The Baltimore Sun published an article on October 23, 2013 about Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler who arrived at an teenage party where alcohol was present in June. One of the teens at the party snapped a picture of Gansler. The next day, social media was blown up of pictures, tweets and statuses of Gansler, who was running for governor at the time. General Douglas, explains how he went to the house to tell his son that their family was leaving early the next morning for Delaware. He proceeds to tell interviewers that he had no recollection that the teens were drinking alcohol. Parents of the teens that attended were outraged. They thought it was highly inappropriate for the Gansler not breaking up the party. Earlier that year, Gansler said in a video filmed as part of the organization “Ask, Listen, Learn” that parents lead by example and to talk to their middle-school children about the risks of drinking and the smart ways to say no.


I think as an adult it is their responsibility to break up a party if there is one. But on the other hand, it is up to the teens to know the risks. These teens in the article were old enough to know that drinking is illegal and the decisions they were making weren’t the best. Yes, I agree with the public to be mad at the running governor. He is supposed to be looked at as a leader. Especially if less than a year later he was preaching about the importance about parents talking to their children about underaged drinking. My question about this article is where were the parents of the house where the party was hosted at? And did they know that this party was going on? I would look more into that because its not fair that the governor is taking all the heat. There are more parents that probably knew about the party and didn’t try to stop it.

Plastic Surgery for teens

An article created by writer Liane Beam Wansbrough of Faze Magazine talks about a fifteen year old receiving a breast augmentation for her sixteenth birthday present. Dr. Darrick Antell, a top New York surgeon tells the reader about the significant rate of teenagers going under the knife to improve their appearance. He talks about the main reasons why plastic surgery is becoming such a popular trend. Antell explains how teens with parents that have undergone surgeries, will be more exposed to the procedures. Also, the media does a good job of letting the public know the number of surgeries celebrities have done. These reasons make it more acceptable for teens to think about their imperfections.


I think this is ridiculous. It is shocking to me that the parents of the fifteen year old would allow her to undergo a procedure that is that painful, risky, and mature. However, I know that plastic surgery is reversible, but that means more surgery would have to be performed. It is very sad to me to believe that society is more focused on the appearance of others. Media focuses on the perfection of others. When no one is perfect as cliche as that sounds. Our society is becoming superficial at an early age.


On July 23, 2013 Rex Huppke, one of the authors of the Chicago tribune writes about the Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman last year, later Zimmerman was found not guilty. Since then, white people have said that racism no longer exists. Which has stirred up havoc among many African Americans. African Americans disagree, they have stated that racism is not gone and it still exists.

I believe that racism has came a long way, but I do not think it is over. I think the United States as a whole needs to work and improve the Racism issue in America. It seems almost ignorant for white people to say racism is completely over. It will take awhile for it to be completely over. 

Gender equality

The Chicago tribune expresses the progress toward achieving gender equality in the workforce. Women still hold fewer salary jobs than men and receive lower wages than men do. The International Monetary Fund is working to improve the equality of gender in the workforce.


I believe efforts should go into making the workforce more equal. As a woman, I don’t want to be discriminated because of my gender. I feel like I am just as smart as a guy. I think gender equality is an issue that often goes unnoticed or pushed under the rug. I am glad this issue is starting to be addressed, so that maybe when I start competing for jobs I will have an equal opportunity!